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Our faculty have diverse research focus in human motor performance and clinical practice issues. The respective research interests for faculty are as follows: postural control and motor behavior in neurologically impaired patients, ergonomic approach for work-related injury, aging experiences including quality of life, independence, and dependence; pre-writing skills in children, treatment strategy to specific adaptive behavior of autistic children and parent-child interaction in children with ADHD etc.






Postgraduate study and employment choice Postgraduate study

Graduates can further their study in graduate schools of occupational therapy or related field both in the nation or abroad.

Employment choice:



1. Occupational therapists: work at various settings including hospital, clinics, rehabilitation center, home 



   health care, long term care/nursing homes, school-based system, early intervention/child development  



   center,assistive technology center, shelter workshop.



2. Academic positions.



3. Government positions.



4. Private practice.



5. Business enterprise (medical device and products).